Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hiroshima was the place that I was looking forward to visiting the most and it definitely did not disappoint.  I think this is a place everyone needs to visit.  Unfortunately there are almost no original historical buildings left, only about 10 buildings survived the bomb and only one of those is still standing.  The city did a great job recreating the monuments that were lost and creating new ones in remembrance of that day and promoting peace.

Shukkeien Garden, a great little garden in the middle of the city.  It was a nice quiet place with all kinds of plants, birds, fish, turtles and even some crabs.

AHHH! mini crabs

After a short walk, we came upon Hiroshima Castle.  A beautiful building, that the original was unfortunately destroyed in the bombing.  After the war, they rebuilt it exactly as it looked when it was brand new.  Inside was a great display of life when the castle was first built, including commoners and samurai exhibits.


 Lastly we headed to the major landmark of the city, the Atomic Bomb Dome and Peace Park.  The dome was very interesting to see.  The building is just as it was after the bombing, rubble and all.  140,000 people died that day, including everyone in that building, who died instantly.  I can't believe the destruction and force it took to just leave the hollow shell of half the building.  

The Peace Park surrounds the A-Bomb Dome and has several memorials to the victims.  We went into one that displayed all of the names and photos of the men, women, children and American POW's.  The only words that I can use to express how I felt there was guilt and sadness. 

Memorial for the Children

Peace memorial
Peace Memorial
 All in all it was a very emotionally draining day.  In some ways it was hard to be in that city and look people in the eyes and see what pain that bomb caused.  This is in no way a stance on either side of the nuclear weapons debate, but a stance on being human and respecting other people no matter where they are from.

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