Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tokyo, Part Two

Tokyo was a great place to visit, the diversity of modern technology mixed with there rich history was great to see.  In the middle of skyscrapers you can find a temple or a shrine that has been there for ages.

Today was a great day because we got to see a few more relaxing things and not just the rush of the city.  First we headed to the Sensoji Temple.  the neighborhood was everything you would think Japan would be.  There were rickshaws, vendors selling food and every kind of souvenir you could think of.  At the end of a long walkway, is the gate and then the temple that was built for the Goddess of Kannon.

gate before the temple

the temple
the temple with a Danielle photo bomb

cleansing before entering

We also went to Ueno Park, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city.  There we found quiet, many shrines and a temple.

pond with lily pads

turtle in the pond
After a nice break in the park we decided to head to Shibuya Intersection.  It's a large intersection near a busy train station that has all the cars stop at one time and people can cross everywhere.  We found a nice little perch at a Starbucks right above the intersection to watch all the action.

so many people
Last on our list for the day was the largest Torii Gate in Japan. 


Well, we have already seen tons of amazing stuff, with much more to come! Thanks for checking out our trip!

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