Thursday, June 7, 2012

So it begins.....

45 hours, 3 airplanes through 5 airports, a train, a bus and a subway ride, 3 hours of sleep in a humid and hot tube, a "shower" from a hose and 6677 miles later I finally arrived in Misawa.  It felt like I hadn't slept in a week and I'm sure I looked like it too. 
When I first arrived in Tokyo, it was late and I just wanted to get to my hotel.  With the help of some really nice Japanese people, I found my way to my hotel in no time.  I had a little bit of time to "hose off" and head to bed. 

The Capsule

We have been pretty lazy the first couple of days, trying to get used to the time change and trying to get rid of my cankles.  Yesterday and today we decided to drive around Misawa and take a look at the city.  We stopped at Icho park (or the Statue of Liberty Park) and had lunch.  It has Japan's largest replica of the Statue of Liberty and sits on the same latitude as the original statue.  

 We also went to a cemetery in Misawa City.  There was an amazing shrine and all of the graves were beautifully taken care of and very elaborate. 

I don't think it has completely sunk in where I am, it feels a little like a time warp.  I don't ever know what time or day it is.  The more we head off base and visit local places, the more it sinks in. 


  1. I LOVE IT! When you said hose off you weren't kidding. Drinks lots of water that will help with the cankles of course you probably know that. I love the pictures. Enjoy every second. :) I can't wait for the next post!

  2. WHAT?! For some reason I thought you weren't going until July... :O( Have a blast, and Danielle give each other hugs for me! :O)